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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Been a long time...

I was talking to Lou the other day about how we don't seem to have the time to blog anymore. Don't have the energy to conjure up thoughts to commit onto the virtual page. The third year has been a bigger step up than I expected, and as I stand on the brink of the mid-point of term I'm wondering partly where the time has gone, and why I haven't made better use of it. In so many ways.

Work? Well, let's just say I could be doing more of it. This term will probably be my heaviest workload wise (3 modules and my dissertation) so there's nothing else for it but to just do it! I've been reminded lately by a couple of friends that work can most definitely be worship too... so I'm attempting to reform my attitude in those moments when I really, really would rather be doing anything else. I think Colossians 3:23-24 sums it up better than I can say it.

God? As is all too common for me, I keep on trying to do things in my own strength... and you would think I would learn, no? God's teaching me some lessons though... and tough as it is, and busy as I feel, God is supreme. I just need to learn to surrender control... and every day, many, many times a day - and as someone who loves to be organised, to be in control, this is challenging. Praise be that we have such a patient and gracious God!

I'm quite excited about reading Galatians this week. The preacher in church this morning was talking about the struggle we have between the law and grace... and really encouraged us to go away and spend a little time reading the whole of Galatians, getting engaged in Paul's argument and seeing the bigger picture of that book. I wish I could remember more of what the guy said... but I came away excited about reading Galatians. And seeing that I've been struggling with motivation in making time to read the Bible lately, God's definitely got his hand in this!

So here's to surrendering some control... and making time for God -- because I'm learning (again!) that without relying on him, life becomes so much more needlessly difficult.


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