Antics and Ramblings of Kat

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Forum vs Starbucks

I was supposed to be at Forum this week. Instead, I'm at home, mostly working because I couldn't afford to be there. I'm sad about that because I'm missing out on seeing friends from Reading who I haven't seen all summer... and missing out on lots of fabulous teaching. Not missing the thought of a week in a tent though! I'm just not really an outdoor-sy person.

But even though I've 'only' been at work, kingdom work is being done. Which is exciting. There are a few Christians in my store, which is cool - and even cooler was the shift a few weeks ago when we realised that there were more Christians than non-Christians there! Anyway, in the last week or so there have been one or two conversations with people talking about Christianity. And a few of the guys have promised to go to a Youth Alpha launch supper that's happening at the end of the month. All pretty exciting really! A lot of the guys that have been asking questions are pretty young, and without a lot of direction to their lives. The fact that they're asking big questions of us is exciting, and challenging at the same time. It encourages me though that although I've 'missed out' on being at Forum, God is using me right where I am. And that's something I all too often forget... I need to remind myself of that so much more often, and be open to be being used in this way!