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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

JB2 2006

Ahhh.... I've been back from JB2 for about 10 days now, and I'm only just beginning to feel like I've recovered. Perhaps launching back into a 35 hour week at work, combined with several rather late nights to boot, didn't really help matters!

Anyway... JB2. Exhausting. Busy. Rewarding. Definitely rewarding. One of my main tasks for the week was to coordinate worship - a daunting task when you're trying to please the various and diverse tastes of a group of 60+. God blessed me (and doused my worries!) with a wonderful group of incredibly enthusiastic musicians - bassist, electric guitarist, flautists, pianist, saxophonist... My concerns that worship could be a half-hearted affair were blasted away by God - who provided the means for us to make a joyful noise to him! Perhaps another time I'll blog my thoughts on performance vs praise (a slight issue I had with a couple of my musicians) but that's a whole other topic!

Another event of note was my first foray into leading a meeting, on "Who is the Holy Spirit?". I was daunted from the outset, but on the day before feelings of trepidation were building! However, the night before I went to bed, the group of girls in my dorm prayed for me, and in particular that I would get a refreshing night's sleep - which was in short supply that week, I assure you! That night I got a fabulous night's sleep (praise God!) and managed to deliver my talk with God-inspired confidence, and to communicate who the Holy Spirit was as best as I could. God definitely used me and my inexperience and made it into something worthy, and something valuable and encouraging to the growing members of His Kingdom.

There are so many other things I could say... God worked so much that week, in me alone. What an encouragement and a joy to see God in action, particularly for me at a time when it's been so easy to feel discouraged. JB2 has left me feeling uplifted - and I hope that by blogging the things that have encouraged me, I won't forget them as it's all too often so easy to do.


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