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Saturday, July 29, 2006


I'm going to blame the heat for the lack of blogging activity of late. When I've not been at work (roasting) I've been attempting to keep cool at home, while intermittently preparing my talk for this week, and compiling a Powerpoint presentation of truly epic proportions for use in worship (part of my role as worship coordinator!)

Later on I face the drive up to Cheshire, fortunately in a car with air conditioning, unfortunately at the enforced speed of 60mph as I try and keep in convoy with Stephen who has the uneviable task of driving a minibus plus trailer, packed with a gaggle of overexcited teenagers. So perhaps travelling at 60 is a small sacrifice to make in that case, when I think about it!

This week promises to be busy, very tiring, but so exciting and rewarding. I'm getting progressively more nervous about delivering my 'talk' (more an interactive session, but still!) on Wednesday morning... but with the power of God working in me, I'm sure he'll make it into something useful and relevant to the members. With props including masks, mints, coffee, chocolate and a backpack full of fizzy drinks I don't think it'll be boring!

I'll leave you to speculate on what those could possibly have to do with a talk on the Holy Spirit... and update you in a week or so when I've recovered from the coming week!


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