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Friday, June 30, 2006

Goodbye 116...

Tonight marks my last evening living on Basingstoke Road... and I have to admit I'm quite sad about it all. I've enjoyed living with Jess, Tracy, Gemma and Rachel and getting to know them all. Today has been spent in a veritable cleaning frenzy in readiness for our house inspection - which turned out to be a cursory look around the house. To be fair, it is gleaming and lemony fresh - and we've worked hard to gain our deposits back!

This evening only Tracy, Gemma and I remain in our lovely house and intend to reward our hard work with Harry Ramsden's fish and chips along with watching Big Brother together for the last time. The best part? No cooking or washing up to do on our last night!

It's been so great living here. God totally provided for me when he placed me into this house. Housing arrangements have never been straight forward for me, but God has been working for my good and his glory the whole time, hallelujah! I'm excited about moving into Pitcroft Avenue with Susan, Fiona and Katey for the next academic year... God's got it all in hand, and has put me there for a purpose... and if this last year has been anything to go by, I'm in for a fantastic year!


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