Antics and Ramblings of Kat

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Just a quickie to wish everyone a Merry Christmas... I know for me that this year won't be quite the same as previous ones, but we're still making the best of it nonetheless, and I hope that everyone will have a good time whatever you get up to.

See you soon chicks and chickens! xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh... sometimes it's good to be at home. True, it does have its trials and tribulations, but all in all it's quite nice to be somewhere where meals are provided, and laundry is done!

I'm back working at Starbucks, which is good news for my bank account... although I am indulging in a somewhat expensive haircut tomorrow -- but it'll be worth it for the overall pampering experience and the emergence of me with much less shaggy locks!! I've nearly completed my Christmas shopping too - I'm shortly popping down to the epic consumer mecca that is the brand spangly new Asda Bletchley (which sells basically anything you can think of, from butter to bikes to boots!)

The best thing about being at home though is being able to hang out with my lovely MK-based friends -- it's just so good to catch up with like-minded people! Which of course means.... going to the pub tomorrow evening. Where else but good old 'Spoons would do?!

Only 5 days til Christmas..............

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yes... I'm procrastinating again!

Well guys and gals, yet again I'm putting off doing work... the Word documents are open on my trusty laptop but I simply do not have the urge to work. Which is ridiculous really, as I'm so close to finishing all my work for this term... if only I could get the motivation and get down to it for an hour or two, I would be free and able to do nothing for as long as I want! But oh no... my brain has other, less helpful ideas. Most frustrating.

At least I haven't succumbed to the honeytrap that is daytime television yet... I draw the line at Neighbours -- because if you start watching Doctors after that, before you know it you've spent the whole afternoon watching programme after programme that does nothing to enrich your life whatsoever! (Least of all meet your deadlines). I'm hoping that by coaxing my weary braincells into forming vaguely coherent sentences and commiting them to screen (I prefer pen and paper, but you can't win 'em all) that I'll magically be able to write some fantastically amazing academic insights into the social and economic relations of globalisation on world cities.

Here's hoping...

Monday, December 05, 2005

RUCU Carol Service

It was the Christian Union carol service last night, and lovely it was too. We sang carols along with the little orchestra, were serenaded by the fantastic university gospel choir, Blessed Melody, and heard an amazing (amaaaazing, for the benefit of Tom!) talk from Graham Daniels, who's from Christians in Sport.

He talked about how people are all looking for saviours... Portsmouth's, for example, is Harry Redknapp. But the only Saviour we need, and the only one we have, is Jesus. Who was born on Christmas Day. That's what Christmas is all about. The birth of our Saviour, not tinsel and Santa Claus and how many presents you find under the tree. Christmas was the start of the most amazing life in history - the life of our Saviour Jesus. How exciting!!

I feel I should also add here another little comment about Graham Daniels... when I was much younger, my church at home was really involved in CIS, particularly my parents... and Graham used to come to our church quite a lot. So my claim to fame is, Graham Daniels came round to my house for lunch when I was younger! We had tomato soup I believe (I also believe he's a vegetarian... but don't quote me on that!), and he put cheese in it -- if you haven't tried that, you should, it's very nice!

So there you are... great story, isn't it?! Not sure whether I'll share it with Graham though if I speak to him... he might just think I'm the tiniest bit strange!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why I Like December

Goodness me, it's December already. Where has the year gone to? This time of year means several things to me...

  • Deadlines: probably the least enjoyable part of the term! I never realised quite how easy I had it as a fresher... 1000 word essays are nothing compared to this! It'll be all good though... I must confess to being more than a little nervous about a presentation I have to do tomorrow morning though...!
  • Carol Concerts: the main thing about breaking up on the 9th December is that Christmas comes forward quite a bit... so this Sunday the Christian Union is putting on it's carol service! Should be lovely and put everyone right into the festive mood. So... if you're in the Reading vicinity on Sunday evening, be at London Road Campus at 6pm (there'll even be mince pies... and alternatives, if you're strange and don't like that kind of thing!)
  • Advent calendars: so I may now have exited my teens and be in the realm of adulthood, but I still have an advent calendar this year! How often do you get an excuse to eat chocolate in the mornings?!
  • Going back to the 'bucks: thanks to my wonderful manager who has decided to employ me again for the duration of the holidays! Which also equates to lots of yummy cakes and lovely hot comforting drinks. I love my job... and it has the added benefit of adding much needed funds to my bank account! Hurrah!
  • Seeing old friends: I love catching up with my old buddies and pals, who made my time in 6th form oh-so-much fun! We never realised how good we had it at the time... but it does mean we can go to the pub together and catch up, which is always guaranteed to be fun :)
  • Hats and scarves and gloves: those who know me reasonably well will know I have something of a fetish for hats... which, bizarrely, seems to have extended into scarves as well, lately! It's all about keeping warm... which is always a good thing!
  • Oh, and I'll get to see my other half much, much more often too... which has got to be a good thing!

So December is all about the fun times... just once I've got these essays done and dusted!