Antics and Ramblings of Kat

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Love Weekends... but not Essays

My weekends at the moment are really the highlight of my week... I've been spoiled with the amount of fun I've been having, and the escapism from work that they've been providing!

This last weekend, the lovely Ross came to visit me from home... his journey here was the cause of much amusement to me and my housemates as he managed to get lost, and confuse the M40 with the M4... and then end up in the shopping centre car park in the town centre, rather than at my house! (Which, as it happens, he'd driven past without realising!) Due to the nightmare that is Reading's one-way system, we decided the best course of action was for me to meet him in town... so, I managed to catch the only bus of the hour with about a minute to spare, and made my way into town. To complicate matters ever so slightly, Friday was a Christmas lights switch on down at the shopping centre, which meant there were hundreds more people there than usual -- which did lead to a bit of a movie-style moment when we spotted each other through the groups of people milling about on the pavement.

Saturday was spent showing Ross the sights of Reading, the highlight being our trip to Shakeaway (a must-visit location for any visitor to Reading!).

On Sunday I ventured into London to meet up with the youth group I help to run at home... which was great, but ever so slightly worrying, in that I had to look after 6 of them in Camden and additionally make sure they didn't get any crazy ideas about getting onto a train home without the other leaders that were going back to Leighton Buzzard! "Why can't you take us?" they asked... "Erm... because I'm going back to Reading!" I replied.

I've concluded that there's not a lot of logic or common sense between a group of six teens... but their hearts are in the right place, which is what counts!

Well, that's enough procrastinating for the time being... I have plenty of work to be doing, so I'd better get on with it in order to keep the stress levels down... to all of those who've been on the receiving end of my stress-related irritableness... all I can say is, normal service will be resumed shortly! xx

Monday, November 21, 2005

What a Weekend!

I love weekends away. Especially with a bundle of like-minded Christians, who are every bit as much as crazy as I am! It all adds up to a whole load of fun, some amazing Bible teaching and not much sleep!

We're gearing up to the Mission that's happening next term, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited... the amazing thing for me is that God is working already in people's hearts and lives... he knows already who's going to come to what talks and events, and who's going to respond to him. I've been so reassured this weekend to know that it's not my 'job' to 'make' people become Christians - and let's face it, how would I manage that anyway? My part in this is to be myself with my friends, and live a life that is honouring to God. Which is what I'm trying to do anyway! So this isn't a duty... it's a joy.

I can't wait!

A weekend away wouldn't be a weekend away without a comedy moment or few... and here's my favourite. I have a feeling it'll lose something in the written form, but hey ho. [Sorry Miri!!]

Miri was brushing her teeth, when Lou and I here this noise... a really rather half-hearted and pathetic 'puh' sound. The strange thing was... it didn't correspond to her spitting out the toothbrushy stuff... it was afterwards! We started to giggle... and then Miri, bless her, does it again - 'puh'! Clearly, we collapsed into hysterics at this point. As I said... I think it loses something in the transcription!

Monday, November 14, 2005



I had to wear 2 jumpers all day yesterday purely because my house refused to warm up! Today isn't much better - my legs actually went numb from the cold as I walked into town this morning. I had to buy a gingerbread latte to warm myself up... after all, isn't that what any normal person does??

The colder weather has brought several cravings upon me... custard... warm drinks of any kind... soup... toasties... I think the key is WARM things!

Roll out the hot water bottle and thermal socks, methinks... (oh, and I should probably get on with some work while I'm at it... maybe?)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Could it be??

Could it be that winter is finally coming? I'm not a big fan of the season myself, but I have noticed the slight strangeness of it being pretty warm in November!

However, today definitely felt distinctly wintery... when I emerged from my lecture at 12pm I was greeted by rain (and consequently a rather damp bike), and when I was cycling home I very nearly got blown across the road on several occasions! Had to concentrate a little harder on maintaining an upright position than usual, hehe. I'm now debating whether to leave my window open to let my washing dry or close it to avoid draughtiness... decisions, decisions!

Tonight I'm going to an event the CU are putting on, called FAQ - the basic premise being that people can come along and ask a panel whatever questions they want, as well as being able to enjoy a drink from the bar... sounds good to me! I'm coming to expect quite a lot from my Thursday evenings these days... last week I was at a friends' house until 12.30am watching cheesy 80s and 90s hits on a music channel and drinking homemade Oreo milkshakes... and the week before that saw a late night trip to the Haagen Dazs cafe in town! Yum... Funny how the night when I could most do with an early night tends to be the most exciting -- ain't it always the way??