Antics and Ramblings of Kat

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Time is Now

Cell tonight was small, but perfectly formed. 3 girls, sitting studying the Bible and getting to know each other that bit better. Being honest and open about they feel about stuff. About spreading the gospel. There aren't many better ways to spend a Tuesday evening!

I feel really impacted by the fact that we're all here for a purpose... and that purpose isn't just to sit and drift along until the day we die. We don't know how long we have here. We don't know whether the end of the world is just around the corner. But what I do know is that I want as many people as possible to know the truth. By keeping the most amazing thing I have in my life to myself, I would effectively be condemning my friends and those I know and love to death. Why would I want to deny them the opportunity of eternal life, just because I'm too worried that people will think less of me?

All I know is, there's no time like the present.

Jesus told the crowd a story: "A man had an apple tree planted in his front yard. He came to it expecting to find apples, but there weren't any. He said to his gardener, 'What's going on here? For three years now I've come to this tree expecting apples and not one apple have I found. Chop it down! Why waste good ground with it any longer?' The gardener said, 'Let's give it another year. I'll dig around it and fertilise, and maybe it will produce next year; if it doesn't, then chop it down.' Luke 13:6-9 (The Message)

It's time to be fruitful, to live out the purpose I'm here for. Why put off until tomorrow what I can do today? The time is now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Leaf Men are out again...

The presence of men with rakes and the tractor with the leaf collecting gismo on the back must mean only one thing: autumn is here. This morning felt distinctly autumnal, as I was leaving my house to walk to campus through rain and slushy leaves on the pavement.

I do have to wonder though... what do the Leaf Men do for the rest of the year??

Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, guys and gals, I am no longer a mere teenager. Just over a week ago now I reached the grand old age of 20 -- although I am still the baby of my Reading-based household nonetheless! My birthday this year was one to rememeber, as I left the country with my Geography buddies for a week of fieldwork and lots of socialising in Barcelona. Nice work if you can get it, I'm sure you'll agree! I had a most enjoyable day, and one of my tutors even bought me a drink. Good times had all round!

The rest of the week left me exhausted, what with all the walking I had to do...far too much happened to be able to recount it all here, but here are the edited highlights.

  • Being lost on the mountain of Montserrat, with around 8 others plus the departmental secretary, who hadn't a clue where we were. There's something ironic about geography students being lost... but in our defence, the map we had was useless: it had no northing, and only showed the footpaths we were meant to follow, not the other ones that existed on the mountain. We couldn't even make use of our compass! But all is well, and I'm probably much fitter as a result of that little escapade!
  • Being in a shop with Nat, bartering with a shopkeeper who told us "English girls are very sexy". I think he just wanted to make a sale... but we won the bartering war anyway! (His response being... "Don't tell my boss!")
  • YUMMY ice cream... Kinder Egg flavour: what an invention!
  • €3 cocktails in the rather nice Nubaa... how I wish there was a Reading equivalent!

Time for one last anecdote, which happened the week before I left for Barcelona... I went to purchase some superglue from good old WHSmiths, and the checkout woman actually asked me for ID!!! I didn't help matters when she asked for my age and I replied "Er, 19" (I was getting confused, what with my impending exit from teenage-hood!) I don't believe that I look 15 or younger though! What is the world coming to...!

That's all for now... til next time -- remember that a day without a smile is a day wasted.