Antics and Ramblings of Kat

Friday, April 29, 2005

Reason To Hate Smokers #5276

Last night I was pleasantly tucked up in bed, enjoying a restful night's slumber... when, rudely, I was jolted awake from my bed by the very very loud sound of the fire alarm! At 3am, no less. Having dashed about my room in search of dressing gown and suitable footwear, I left my room accompanied by Stephen (who had the misfortune of sleeping on my floor last night!) and encountering other bleary-eyed confused people!

After 2 fire engines had arrived (presumably leaving the rest of Reading rather depleted in terms of emergency cover!) and it had been established that there was in fact no fire, we were allowed back inside, to everyone's relief! (Especially those who had forgotten to don some footwear.)

On arriving back on my corridor, I heard along the grapevine that the alarm had been triggered by someone smoking in their room, no less. Considering I live in a non-smoking hall with smoke detectors in every room, I don't consider that to be a particularly smart move!

Needless to say, I don't think the individual(s) responsible will be the most popular in hall today... not least with the Warden!! Ahh well... it made Wednesday evening rather more exciting than usual!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Quiet Period??

OK, so it's approaching exam season, and there are stern warnings across the hall (and each bedroom!) warning about sanctions that will be taken if quiet isn't kept until June sometime. Therefore, is it just possible that the person who lives above me just can't read?? Last night I was serenaded by Annie Lennox and Gwen Stefani - admittedly, it wasn't like I was working, or attempting to sleep - but on occasions I have been!

I foresee a trip to the Warden (the fabulously named Dr Gayford) in the relatively near future... Won't I be popular?!

A Tragic Day in my history of blogging...

So, yesterday I returned to university. One of my first acts was to set up my trusty laptop and surf my way onto the information superhighway. My access to said facility had been curtailed over the holidays due to other members of my family wishing to get a look-in!

One of the first things I did was head over here to check out my blog... and then tragedy struck. Kingdom of Kat, in its former pink glory, had seemed to have disappeared!! In a vain hope, I left it to today to see if my blog would reappear... but to no avail. The worrying thing is that I have no idea why my blog was removed! I didn't delete it... I don't believe it contained anything inappropriate... and I'm positive that there isn't any kind of inactivity period!

So... Here I am, starting anew. On the bright side, I still have the same domain for my space! Hurrah. And I do rather like the aquatic feel of this page... What will remain, however, are those random comments and little diversions from the mundanity of life!

Feel more than welcome to comment... and, fingers crossed, this space will be here to stay!!